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One-Page Website Design

  • We provide a content planning document & help-guide to make it easy for your client.
  • We design a 1-page Rocketspark website using your clients logo, colour scheme, photos and content.
  • We add basic custom graphics and stock imagery where required.
  • Your client gains access to an easy-to-use content management system for future updates.
  • Ideal for businesses with one core offering who need to build a professional online presence.
  • Hosting just $10 + GST per month* paid directly to Rocketspark by the client.
  • A 30-minute skype-training session for your client on how to use and edit their new website.

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Thanks so much for trusting your clients with me. They're in capable hands :)

Their first year of hosting with Rocketspark (payable with Debit/Credit Card directly to Rocketspark when we go-live) costs $10 per month for a one-page site. Domain names and email addresses are additional. 

Rocketspark Terms & Conditions can be found here. Rocketspark Features & Pricing Guide can be found here.

About Your Designer

Tonia Hill, who established Crisp Graphics in 2002, is passionate about helping small business operators bring their ideas to life. As a designer of brands, websites, packaging and printed promotions, Tonia has worked with hundreds of New Zealand business owners to help them impress their customers and bring their brands to life. 

Tonia is keen to build a community of business owners who want to cut through the jargon and learn how to manage their own successful websites. It's her way of giving back to an industry she feels passionately about.  

See just some of Tonia's work in the Crisp Graphics Portfolio >


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